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Rules and Regulations

  1. No boats over 20 ft. can be accommodated. Boats are to stay within the 20ft. length and not to extend past assigned float, nor is the motor (when up) to extend past the end of the float. Everyone is entitled to the same amount of space – no matter what the size of a boat.

  2. DO NOT tie your boat to the pipes, or to the gang-way ramps.

  3. Only one (1) slip to a family.

  4. Spots in the Marina will be reserved until the due date specified in the Cove Association By Laws of the current year for persons who moored their boats there in the previous year. IF BOAT BASIN FEES AND ALL CURRENT AND OUTSTANDING COVE ASSOCIATION DUES ARE NOT RECEIVED BY THE DUE DATE SPECIFIED IN THE COVE ASSOCIATION BY LAWS THE SPOT WILL BECOME AVAILABLE TO THOSE ON THE WAITING LIST.

  5. A list of members desiring a mooring spot will be maintained and space made available as it occurs to those members in order of time of application.

  6. The Boat Basin Committee will assign berths for mooring in a manner it considers most efficient for all and in some cases change mooring spots, if deemed necessary and advisable.

  7. No boat shall be placed in the Marina until dues are paid and a member of the Boat Basin Committee has assigned a spot in the Marina for that boat. Do not put your boat in the Marina until you have gotten clearance from a member of the Boat Basin Committee.

  8. A member may sublet their space for one (1) year only and may do so ONLY through the Boat Basin Committee.

  9. If a member rents a slip for one year and does not use it, they will not be able to renew their place in the Boat Basin unless they put a WORKING boat in the water by June 1st of the second year, and they will not be able to sublet their spot that second year.

  10. NO personal Watercraft, Jet Skies or other boats are to be tied alongside boats in the Marina. ONLY ONE WATERCRAFT PER SPOT.

  11. Use the retractable hose reels and please report any leaking hoses or nozzles immediately to a member of the Boat Basin Committee.

  12. If you have ANY questions concerning your assigned spot, please contact Gary Mattingly at 516 578 1923.

  13. Any Violation of these Boat Basin Rules will be cause for having the boat removed from the Marina by a designated outside agency at the owner’s expense, after a warning by Certified Mail.

  14. All boats at the Boat Basin must be registered to a Cove property owner, with up to date registration. All boats must be insured and list Southampton Cove Property Owners Association as additional insured.

  15. A working boat shall mean, but not limited to, one with a working engine, bow and running lights and all New York State and Coast Guard safety requirements. 

  16. Any kayaks stored on the kayak rack not paid for by the due date specified in the Cove Association By Laws will be removed at the owners expense. 

  17. Parking is for Marina members and their guests only.

  18. No Trailer parking.

  19. No parallel parking or overnight parking. 

  20. No fireworks or smoking at any time


Boat Basin Rules 


Rules for use of the Pavilion 

  Please observe the rules listed and observe the following:





  • Garbage must be removed and deck left clean before leaving. Leave the deck the way you found it.

  • No loud, excessive noise or music

  • Cars should not block mailboxes, driveways and entrance ramp to deck.

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